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South Central Texas Ranch Sorting Logo Design

This ranch sorting logo was a challenge, but also one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever worked on. I grew up on a Texas farmstead, playing hide and seek on horseback. This could be why my inner country girl was having so much fun drawing Quarter Horses with Lone Star manes. By the way, my heroes have always been cowboys.

Some Background

South Central Texas Ranch Sorting and their events are sanctioned by the Ranch Sorting National Championships (RSNC) and sponsored by CINCH. Ranch sorting is a western-style equestrian sport that is quickly growing in popularity in the US. The competition evolved from work that ranch hands routinely perform on horseback, which includes separating livestock for transportation, vet care, and branding.

The Logo Design Challenge

My task was to provide SCTRS with a versatile design that would add to their authority and help them build momentum in reaching those interested in RSNC sanctioned events.

One of the designs I was asked to create was based on a concept presented by a board member. The horse head design that I refined will be used in social media and can be blended with elements of the primary design, so their brand will remain consistent.

The Primary SCT Ranch Sorting Logo

The design concept I presented became their primary logo. It includes a stylized “T”, a backward “R” and “S”, and the silhouette of a calf, horse, and rider.

The intentional “cattle brand” look of the backward letters help frame the T, and pays visual homage to ranching. It was important to do this since one of the primary missions of RSNC is to preserve the heritage and integrity of ranch life.

This logo is a flexible design and easily transforms into simpler variants. It can be used without or without the silhouetted cowboy or with or without the letters “SCRS”. The “T” can also be used alone. In addition, elements of the primary logo can be blended with other graphics, depending on what is needed for branding purposes. That was important because the group will be using their logo online and on promotional items, uniforms, banners, forms, and more.

Ten design options were originally provided, of which two were selected. They still liked the remaining options and they may end up on merchandise which will be handed out or sold at the events.

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