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Realtor Logo for Heather Roberts

Heather Roberts required a custom realtor logo that quickly communicates her high level of:

  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty and
  • Customer service

You get what you pay for when you work with fast and cheap freelancers

Unfortunately, when Mrs. Roberts hired a designer from a popular online market place, she didn’t get a design that relayed those important character traits. In fact, the single JPEG file that she received for $10 made her look like an amateur—not the consummate professional she truly is.

When speaking of her experience, she later said, “it just goes to show, you get what you pay for.”

A few months later, we discused creating a custom logo that accurately represents who she is and what she stands for. She only had two additional requests:

  • No stereotypical keys, rooftops or houses in her new logo and
  • It must look feminine

I was SO in…

Getting to know my clients helps me design effective custom logos

At the beginning of every logo project, I send my clients a questionnaire. The answers they give me, provide insights to their goals, target audience, and competition. Heather is serious about investing in her success, so she was careful to provide very thoughtful and detailed answers. Responses like hers are integral to creating an effective logo. They give me inspiration, direction and streamline my design process.

Meeting Heather at different times during the project, also helped us get to know one another. In fact, we became friends. And because of our visits, I was also able to incorporate a her character in the final design for her personal brand.

Custom logo design process

Once I recieved Heather’s answers, and meet with her in person, I was able to start work.

  1. I began by researching her competition. She needed a brand image that stood out and connected with her target audience. It had to be unique and eye-catching.
  2. Next, I created quick pencil sketches. After several pages, I decided on few that worked well and showed them to my client.
  3. Heather asked for another round of sketches. So I created a couple more pages of drawings and presented again a week later.
  4. She couldn’t decide right away so I suggested that she tape the drawings to her office wall and live with them for a week. After a period of time, Heather decided on the drawing she liked best and asked me to develop it further.
  5. I used this selection as a basis for the design that I created on my computer. Soon after, I came up with a couple of black and white variations of the selected composition, and presented again to Heather.
  6. She selected one of those designs and I began experimenting with color and fonts.
  7. When I had two or three options that I was satisfied with, I presented once more to Heather. She kept the designs for another week before selecting the logo that she believed best represent her personal brand.

We didn’t rush the process and the result was a custom logo design that connects with the type of customer Heather wants to work with. Together, we created a classy, modern realtor logo that works for her, not against her. It’s a simple, clean, design that evokes a sense of trustworthy, knowledgable professionalism. And that’s exactly who and what Heather Roberts is.

What Heather received with her classy realtor logo design

  1. A professionally designed, custom logo she loves
  2. Three seperate layouts for her logo, so it can be used in different spaces and on different backgrounds
  3. Her logo, in the various layouts, in JPG, PDF, and PNG file formats.
  4. A branding style guide that provides the color formuals used in the logo, and explains how to use the different logo layouts and fonts.
  5. A copy of the font used in her logo, liscenced only to her
  6. A logo format guide that explains what the different file formats are used for and who to send them to (web master, printer, embroider, etc).
  7. Excellent customer service, craftsmanshiop and a new friend.

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Heather Roberts, Berkshire Hathaway
New Braunfels, Tx

Modern real estate logo for Heather Roberts
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